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5 New Scout Ambassadors

15 March 2017

Ellie Blog

The Scout Association is delighted to announce that five well-known figures will be joining the Scout Ambassador team, to raise awareness of Scouting’s invaluable work helping young people develop skills for life. 

The new ambassadors are Paralympic gold medallist Ellie Simmonds, Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover, TV presenters Anita Rani and Steve Backshall, and adventurer Megan Hine. They join current Scout Ambassadors, including Chris Evans, Ed Stafford and Julia Bradbury, as positive role models for young people. 

Anita Blog 

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, was proud to welcome the five ambassadors to the Scouting family. ‘Like our other volunteers and supporters, they are incredible role models for young people, embodying our values and inspiring the next generation,’ he said. ‘Each of them brings their own unique skills and talents and I know will help shine a light on Scouting’s amazing work. Thank you to each and every one.’ 

Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner, said that he hoped the ambassadors would inspire the volunteers and young people of the future. ‘Along with our current ambassadors and volunteers, I know they will champion our Scout values and support us in growing the Movement, helping more young people develop skills for life,’ Tim said. ‘As flexible volunteers themselves, they show how supporting Scouting can fit around busy lives. I wish Ellie, Anita, Megan, Helen and Steve well on their new journey and look forward to working with them.’   

Steve Blog

The five ambassadors will be encouraging more adults to join as volunteers. As testament to Scouting’s popularity, there are over 46,000 young people on waiting lists around the country, meaning more volunteers than ever are needed to help with the demand and give young people the opportunity to join the Scout Movement. 

UK Youth Commissioner, Hannah Kentish, thanked the new ambassadors and welcomed them to their role, on behalf of all the young people in Scouting. ‘Scout Ambassadors are inspiring role models for the UK’s 580,000 Scouts,’ she said. ‘We’re honoured that Ellie, Helen, Anita, Steve and Megan have chosen to join our volunteer team, helping showcase the amazing work Scouting does every week, developing skills for life.’ 

Helen Blog

As well as announcing our new Scout Ambassadors today, we are delighted to announce that Bear Grylls has accepted an offer to remain as Chief Scout until 2020. This follows a full consultation with the Council of The Scout Association and a recommendation from the Board of Trustees. 

Since his appointment in 2009, Bear has proved an outstanding figurehead for Scouting, spearheading a period of strong membership growth. 

Tim Kidd said: ‘By championing our values, improving public perception and inspiring our members, Bear has helped Scouting go from strength to strength, valued by parents and respected by the public at large, attracting more young people and adult volunteers. We thank Bear for his tireless support of our work, both locally and nationally.’ 

Meg Blog

Look out for the Scout Ambassadors in the media, online and at national events in the near future. Due to time commitments, local requests for appearances cannot currently be met, but if you have an enquiry relating to the Scout Ambassadors, please contact communications@scouts.org.uk