Bever Activity Day 9th June 2017

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Bever Activity Day 9th June 2017

22 June 2017

This is an exciting day with the opportunity to sample a variety of different water activities; these could include Open Canoes, Sailing, Raft racing, Bell Boat Races and or rafted canoe races.


This is the first year at our new base at Hoveringham, our new activity centre on a fantastic lake.


Below are instructions which will help make the Beaver day a success.


Note your Beavers are doing the Dry Activities in the morning so can arrive changed ready for Dry activities. They will be doing a walk  (about 1.5KM) and some other land activities in the Morning, which we expect the Beaver leaders to help supervise. There will be time to change at lunchtime ready for the Water Activities in the afternoon.


Attached is a health form this needs completing by each child and bringing with them or handing to their Beaver leader prior to the activity.



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Information for Parents


We are looking forward to a fun packed day with your child. Please follow the instructions below to assist us to keep your child safe and to make the day a success. It is important your child has the right equipment, clothing and footwear otherwise they can get worried or upset and not fully enjoy the activities.


Beaver Arrival:

Car share will alleviate car parking problems.

Please be patient with us this is a new facility we will be using a system that has worked well at other events but takes time.

Beaver to arrive between 10.15 and 10.30 



·         Leave the A612 onto Station Road, signposted to ‘Industrial Area’.

·         The Water Activity Centre is on your right and will have a Scout feather flag marking the entrance.

·         Wait to be directed to turn into the site.

·         Follow the directions of the parking crew if they are looking harassed please smile at them it will be a long morning!

You will be directed to a drop off zone, please keep your car running, adults need to stay in the car and just the Beavers with their bags to exit the car and be escorted to their Beaver leaders. Please ensure your child has all their bags in the car with them (not in the car boot) to allow a swift exit from the car. You will then be directed out of the car park turning left towards the A612.




All safety and personal safety equipment will be provided as well as the boats, canoes and kayaks.


All personal gear needs to be provided by the participants.


Personal Kit List:

·         Lunch, snacks for during activity session and plenty to drink in a day-rucksack.

·         Your child should wear warm layers (even a sunny day can feel cold as the site is quite exposed). 

·         Jeans are not suitable and clothes should be old as they may get muddy.

·         Sun lotion and hat (even on a cloudy day reflection from the water can cause sunburn)

·         Cagoule (to keep wind out during water activity)

·         Swimwear (it is not necessary to wear a wetsuit but if you have one welcome to bring it)

·         Towel

·         Suitable footwear for wet activity (old trainers or wet shoes)

·         Separate bag for wet clothing.

·         Suitable footwear for rough and potentially muddy terrain we will be going on a short hike. 

·         Change of clothes including spare socks and underwear (it is likely your child will get wet)

·         Coat (for dry activity)

·         Health form


Beaver Departure:

Car share will alleviate car parking problems.

Breaver departure is between 16.45 and 17.00 as with the arrival please be patient.

Follow the same directions as for the Beaver arrival. You will be directed to a parking zone please follow the directions of the car parking crew.