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Availability of places

Taking boys and girls between 6 and 18 years old, we run a fun programme for children from all backgrounds. See quick guide to the sections for more information.

You can put your child’s name on the list from the age of 4 1/2 years old.

This must be done by the parent or guardian direct to the Waiting List Administrator using the form below:

Please note that Leaders children go straight to the top of the waiting list; if you want to take advantage of this rule please let us know as above.


Beavers start at the age of 6 and stay in Beavers till they are 8, Beavers are brilliant, as they start to get their teeth into our activities, Beavers become more independent and grow to do some of the bravest activities in scouting. You will always see a queue for crate stacking when the Beavers are there……absolutely fearless.

We have 2 Beaver Colonies with up to 24 Children in each one


Our Cubs packs are legends in the scouting world, both Lightning and Thunder packs are full of fun and adventure, with camps and loads of outdoors activities. We have many great connections in the community to access some truly epic days outs and experiences

Cubs start at the ages of 8 and will move through to scouts at 11


If you didn’t join Beaver or Cubs, this is one of the best places to start your adventure, Scouts are amazing, skinning and preparing fish and cooking on an open fire, learning to use wood cutters, hiking in the peaks, sailing, holidays, it’s all there for a growing teen and preparing you for this amazing part of your life.

Scouts start at around 11 and will stay until 14


Explorers, ask anyone, ask everyone, what is it like being an explorer………….

Pick your own activities, arrange them for the year, go out and live it, smell it, touch it, taste it…………

So many amazing things to get involved in and to do


We always require new Leaders / Helpers / Executive members. Leaders children go straight to the top of the waiting list.