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All members need to pay Subs, which we collect by ‘Bank Standing Order’ where you send the payment from your bank to ours. You can set this up via internet banking or telephone banking, or by taking this Standing Order Form  to YOUR bank.

Payment dates are on the 1st Jan / Apr / July / Oct each payment is £25 (per quarter)

If you are not able to pay by standing order then we would require one year’s pre-payment of £100 in cash or cheque to the treasurer before the above dates without reminders.

If you are a UK tax payer, please also fill in a gift aid form so we can collect the tax back.

Gift aid form (PDF)

NB in addition to the regular meeting nights, members are able to participate in a wide range of additional activities, including camps, parades, and activity days. Some of these activities incur an additional charge.