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Beavers (Thursday)

Apache Beavers 2017 Programme (Spring Term)

Apache Beavers meet on Thursdays during term time, 5.30 – 6.45 pm.

Provisional Programme: please keep checking here for updates

Full uniform required unless otherwise specified

Scouts Code of Conduct and Penalties 2013 is available (please click link).

1st Larch Farm (St.Peters): Apache Winter 2017 Programme

14/09/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Welcome Back “Cool wall” Brainstorming in lodges. Summer badge show and tell. Fun and games

21/09/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Newstead Abbey Visit Bat Detectives scavenger hunt. Batman/Batgirl fancy dress welcome. Outdoor shoes and torches.

28/09/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Bug Hotels. All things creepy and crawly

05/10/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Cooking Week Possible Tesco Visit (Farm to Fork) Further information to follow

12/10/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Orienteering Treasure maps and problem solving. Head torches and outdoor footwear

19/10/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Portland Wood walk. Torches, warm clothes and sensible footwear. Hot chocolate and marsh mellows

back at the scout hut

26/10/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): No meeting Half Term

02/11/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Halloween Party

Halloween Party. Fancy dress/ Scary Crafts and games.

09/11/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Shoe Aid A special guest speaker will be joining us to help with our international badge

16/11/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Operation Christmas Child Please bring in old toys, pens, paper things that a child would enjoy for Christmas, and a Shoebox and

wrapping paper. also £2 to help with the costs to send them

23/11/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Disability Badge Special guest speaker

30/11/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Book Club Bring your favourite book in

07/12/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Winter walk to St Peters Church. Festive tasks and stories. Visit to the chip shop in the village bring £2

14/12/2017 (07:30 to 18:45): Christmas Party Festive games and crafts. Non uniform night



Note: Occasionally we may give “homework” to be returned 1 or 2 weeks later.  This will only be a small amount to enable a particular badge to be achieved.


1st Larch Farm Apache BeaversLocated at
Ravens Lodge, Main Road,Ravenshead,Nottingham.